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Cannabis Couture Launches New T Shirt Collection

Hey guys!

Cannabis Couture reached out to me to let me know they have a new tshirt collection available for all the canna-lovers out there.

How did the project come about?

The project originally started when we were looking for a shirt that represented the cannabis lifestyle that we love, while offering a true level of sustainability. All of our T Shirts are made with 100% certified organic cotton and printed with water based, eco-friendly inks.

What’s their mission?

Our mission is to provide people with T Shirts that reflect cannabis culture and fashion in an inspired way. We believe in utilizing sustainable materials and methods to create a positive impact on our world. Your T Shirt should be art, it should be your lifestyle represented, it should be your favorite thing to wear! Whether you’re on a mountain riding with friends, or at a bonfire on the beach, the Cannabis Couture T Shirt will keep you styling day and night. It’s your way to enact social change, by supporting the organic farming industry and letting your love for cannabis be known. Our designs offer Style & Substance!

We are a company driving positive social change, and are excited to share our passion for cannabis culture and fashion.


PRESS RELEASE: OREGON, USA (October 5, 2016) – Cannabis Couture

Tucked away in the forests of Oregon, surrounded by majestic trees and rushing rivers, is a small company producing sustainable fashion. Cannabis Couture offers a line of sustainable T Shirts for the cannabis connoisseur worldwide. We’re inspired by cannabis culture, and have a driving desire to express its finest qualities.

At Cannabis Couture, we take great care to ensure that we provide the highest quality products, and do so in a manner that is sustainable for both people and planet alike. Our T Shirts are produced using 100% certified organic cotton and eco-friendly inks.

With a dedication to quality and sustainability, Cannabis Couture continues to redefine the cannabis apparel category and lead the way in crafting premium quality products.

View the collection and shop online at:

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