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OLCC Deems Strain Names Unsuitable For Children

Oregon, what’s going on?

Earlier this month the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) reviewed 500 strain names, and out of the 500 they deemed 20 of them inappropriate because they appeal to minors. Because of this names like Charlotte’s Web, or Girl Scout Cookies won’t be allowed on the labels or packaging of medical or recreational cannabis.

Here’s the literature from the bulletin via the OLCC:

September 23, 2016 ‐ Today, the OLCC passed a temporary rule that clarifies the restrictions on product wording commonly associated with products marketed by or to children. The Commission’s current rules allow it to regulate marijuana strain names attractive to minors but not those marketed by minors such as “girl scout cookies”. The action directs staff at OLCC to fairly implement criteria to restrict a narrow set of strain names that refer to cartoon characters, or are names associated with toys and games marketed to or by children.

The Commissioners and OLCC staff have reviewed a listing of about 500 marijuana strain names and believes the rule would apply to less than 20 strains. While it is clear that OLCC will deny the inclusion of these names on pre‐approved packages and labels, it will work with the industry to correct package and label compliance issues for products in the stream of commerce. Commission staff and Commissioners will have roles in determining products that appeal to children and that are marketed by or to them. The OLCC in the coming week will work to provide the industry policy guidance and lists of suspect names that will be regulated (see example below). The OLCC will work on these issues as it finalizes its overall permanent rules later this year. Meanwhile, licensees can voluntarily rename the strain or use its initials within the Cannabis Tracking System. Licensees can also submit strain names to to seek guidance on this “attractiveness to children” standard.

The full list of strain names include: Girl Scout Cookies and any derivative of the name (Platinum GSC, Thin Mint, GSC), Grape Ape, Candyland, Charlotte’s Web, Cinderella/Cinderlla 99, Dr. Who, Bubbleicious, Smuf (Smurfette, Smurf Pussy), Bruce Banner/Bruce Banner #3,  Death Star, Skywalker/Skywalker OG, Jedi Kush, LSD, and Blow.

strain-name-tableProtecting the kids is important, but I feel like it’s hypercritical to over-regulate one industry, but not another. In Oregon there’s a huge microbrew scene and many of their names can easily be appealing to minors. There are also numerous hard alcohol brands who have Swedish Fish Flavored Vodka, Green Apple Whiskey, and let’s not forget Not Your Father’s Rootbeer. In this day and age most places that sell cannabis make you show your ID to prove you’re legally allowed to be on the premises and old enough to purchase the products that come in childproof containers/packaging. 

Let’s be real though, as a minor it’s easier to come up on some alcohol or cigarettes than it is to get some ganja, and if that person is really going to get high they’ll do so regardless of the strain name.

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