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Strain Review: Burmese Kush From Marley Natural For Cannabis Daily Record

As you know I contribute reviews to the Cannabis Daily Record, another local cannabis outlet run by Sue Vorenberg.

Sue was kind enough to kick me off some samples from Marley Natural, one of the first celebrity strains I’ve tried. Most people are wondering if it’s worth the hype, check out my review below:


***This review previously appeared on the Cannabis Daily Record***

Reviewer: Mrs. Nice Guy
Strain Name (Genetics, etc.): Marley Natural Green Hybrid (Burmese Kush)
Grower: Marley Natural (Grown in Oregon by Applegate Valley Farms)
Onset time: Felt a wave of calm kick in about 10-12 minutes in
Fade: About an hour after I started to feel clear headed
Strength: Medium to High, really depends on how much you smoke. This weed was creeper status for me, so after a few tokes I had to chill out before I smoked more.
Tingling (where did you feel it): Eyes felt lowish at first, forehead felt tingly like a warm champagne buzz, face felt a little rubbery. Very heady strain for me.
Control: A nice focus while also being happily buzzed.
Emotions: Pleasantly chill and happy. Felt talkative and pensive/curious while also having creative bursts. Also felt amorous and lustful at times.
Paranoia: None
Energy Level: Medium. Not tired, more of a peppy, but relaxed demeanor.
Smell: Soft and sweet with some spicy undertones.
Relieves: Stress, anxiety, sad or depressed feelings, boredom.
Positives: Nice after work smoke, good for day or evening. Perfect for times where you want to be happy & chill. This would make a great strain for date night, or first date encounters, puts you in this enchanted, relaxed state where you want to open up and share.
Negatives: Want more!! Wish the high lasted longer.
Other notes (appearance, etc.): The sweet tasting buds were packed tight and very STICKY ICKY. The Boveda packs really do help keep your bud fresh, I’ve had this for 2 weeks and it still feels and smells good. Pairs nicely with some Bob Marley, awesome strain to zone out while listening to music. If Burmese Kush could be any Marley song I’d definitely say “Jammin” is the one it’d be. Since this is of the Kush family I can definitely feel its euphoric effects that are quite different than other strains I’ve smoked.

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