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Product Review: Summit + Vaporizer From Vapium

Looking for a way to elevate your outdoor activities? Well look no further because the Summit+ has got your back!

With adventure junkies in mind the Summit+ was created to withstand extreme conditions from 0-176 degrees fahrenheit. The Summit+ is also the world’s only splash proof (IP54) rated vaporizer meaning you don’t have to worry about it getting wet when snowboarding, skiing or when you’re on the river. It’s the perfect companion to take with you up to Mt. Hood or down the Deschutes.

You’ve probably heard of a #showerbeer, well since the Summit+ is splashproof you can now step up your #showervape game, making your suds time a little more chill. The IP54 rating also means it’s dustproof so if you’re on a dusty hike you won’t have to worry about your unit getting dirty.

The Summit+ uses a conduction heating element to heat up your ground herb and concentrates to your desired temperature. The lithium-Ion battery can be recharged using the micro USB charger that connects to any USB, and you can use it while it charges.

At 4.5 inches the Summit+ is just slightly bigger than the Gpen Elite, but just as light even if it’s bulkier. The device has a much more rugged look than most other vapes I’ve had the pleasure of using, but still sleek in it’s design. Thanks to the Summit+’s ergonomic design it’s not uncomfortable when being held and it has a rubberized grip at the bottom to avoid slippage.

Summit+ Kit Includes:

  • Summit+ Vape Unit With Removable Stir/Packing Tool
  • Instruction Manual
  • 3 screens/heating units
  • 2 concentrate pads
  • Cleaning Kit: Brush Tool, Alcohol Wipes, and Pipe Cleaners
  • Keychain w/ Carabiner
  • Lid Keeper (wrap this around your magnetic chamber lid to keep it safe and in place)
  • Extra Mouthpiece Cover
  • Dry Bag (you can carry your device and accessories inside and easily attach it to your jacket, pack, or belt loop)

You can reorder replacement accessories for your Summit+ here.

The Summit+ uses a 3 button system to turn your device on/off and to set the temperature. To turn your vape on press and hold the “Go” button for 3 seconds, your device will light up blue and vibrate to let you know it’s on, to turn it off you do the same. It should take the Summit+ 35-45 seconds to heat up. To set the temperature use the plus and minus buttons, you can also set your session time with these buttons by holding them simultaneously, refer to your instruction manual to figure out what lights equal what session time. The four LED lights will let you know what the battery level is at (white) and let you know the temperature (orange). To know what lights equal what temp, refer to your instruction manual. The vibrate function will let you know when your device is on/off and when it’s at the temp you want and ready to use.

Loading your vape is easy, just place one of the screens or concentrate pads into the chamber. You’ll want to make sure your herb is ground before putting it into the chamber. I like the fact that the Summit+ let’s you get some dual use out of the device by allowing both herb and concentrates.

One of the coolest and most innovative features of the Summit+ is the app interface. Your phone and device can pair via bluetooth and from the app you can turn you device off, set the temperature, and the session time (anywhere from 30 to 120 seconds). The battery icon displays the battery level and the temperature button switches between Celsius and fahrenheit. When using concentrates with your Summit+  you can turn the temperature up to 486 degrees by pressing the boost button in the app to give you a little more heat. To set the temperature with your app just use the degree dial, the Summit+ goes from 95-482 degrees, higher if you boost.

My least favorite thing about the Summit+ was the magnetic lid, it does stay on pretty well, but is somewhat loose at the same time. To remedy that all you need to do is wrap the lid keeper around it. Aside from that I have nothing but good things to say about the Summit+! It’s a lightweight device that you can use when you’re trying to stay lowkey and versatile enough to pack away to take with you when you’re feeling adventurous.

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