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Learn How To Pass A Drug Test

Stuff Stoners Like have put together one of the best and most definitive guides on how to pass a drug test.

As marijuana legalization spreads across the nation and more states allow adults to smoke pot—more people will be forced to submit to a drug test. The most popular being the urine drug test seems to be an embarrassing assault on privacy. But there are several other drug tests out there including a hair, mouth swab and blood drug test and we’ll touch on how to beat them in this post.

Sure certain professionals within safety-sensitive industries like healthcare, defense, law enforcement and transportation should be drug tested, federal law requires it and that’s understandable. However most employers aren’t legally obligated to test potential or current employees for drug use—especially marijuana. claims that between 40 and 65 percent of today’s employers look to drug test or drug screen employees or potential hires whether they are required to or not. Why do employers drug test? To cover their ass. They’re looking to avoid potential legal liabilities for injuries caused by workers who may be intoxicated on the job. Some industries like professional sports, education and medical care employers drug test to maintain positive public perception.

Because there are few laws protecting privacy in the workplace millions of Americans face a drug test yearly—even though they aren’t suspected of drug use. The drug test of choice? A urine drug test.

Check out these links on: How to Pass a Hair Drug Test and Mouth Swab Drug Test —What Is It and How Do You Pass It? You probably don’t need to worry about how to pass a blood drug test because those are super rare because they’re super costly.

Random drug testing is unfair, often inaccurate and unproven as a means of stopping drug use. Employers may have the right to expect workers not to be high or drunk on the job, but they shouldn’t have the right to require employees to prove their innocence by taking a drug test.

How To Pass A Urine Drug Test

Some people insist that the only way to pass a urine drug test for marijuana is time. You’ll simply have to wait for the marijuana metabolites in your system to be eliminated. That’s true. However some drugs like marijuana will stay in your system for up to a month meaning most people won’t have time. That’s why a multitude of products are available on the market to help people pass a drug test in 24 hours or less. For more detailed information consult the Stuff Stoners Like Marijuana detox Guide which includes information on how to beat a urine drug test as well as the rest mentioned above. However for a quickee here are our top 3 recommendations:

First we recommend synthetic urine because it’s what labs use to test their equipment. As long as it’s warm you’ll pass your drug test. Many come with heating powder to make it easy.

Second would be fruit pectin. We have many comments on our post about Sure Jell and Certo fruit pectin to prove it.

Third would be Detox Drinks and Detox Pills. We have several comments from actual people saying which brands helped them perform a quick and temporary weed detox so they could pass a drug test.

Leave your recommendations, questions and, comments on how to pass a drug test for weed or helpful hints on performing a THC detox in the section below.

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