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How to Choose the Right Online Cannabis Seed Bank

Growing any plant from seed is very satisfying and exciting experience.  Every person will gain pleasure while watching a life developing from that tiny little seed. Still, it is highly important to choose the right seed – growth and life of the plant depend on that in many ways.

Whether you’re an experienced marijuana grower, or you’re going to give it a try, the seeds are the first thing to pay attention to. Today, cannabis is developed in that way that it became a plant which has many variations for many different purposes.

In any case, there are some details you should pay attention to when making an order from a cannabis seed bank, especially if you want to be sure that you get what you ordered in the desired time frame. Here are the most important things to look at when you are browsing online cannabis seed banks.

Strain Type Availability

There are plenty of types of cannabis strains. Varieties are designed to increase specific features of the plant or to separate the strain for the aim of marketing. There are varieties used for different purposes:

  • Strains which are used for pain relief are White Widow, Northern Lights, Chemdawg, Godberry. They all contain a high level of THC and CBD, which are proven to reduce pain and cause relief.
  • The best marijuana strains to contribute to better sleep are Granddaddy Purple, White Rhino, BC God Bud, Bubba Kush, etc. They contain CBN or cannabinol which is helpful when you want to sleep.
  • The most popular strains for energy boost are Sour Diesel, Casey Jones, Golden Goat, Lemon Skunk. These are Sativa strains with a high level of THC.
  • Strains with lower doses of THC are being used for lowering anxiety like: White Fire Alien, Stardawg, Juliet, and many others.

After gathering all the information, you should find out if the selected bank has what you’re looking for. There are seed banks and seed shops: Seed shops only sell seeds, while seed shops both sell seeds and breed strains themselves so they often have a more diverse strain type selection.

If you are gunning for more well-known and commonly used strains, you should be able to find them in every seed bank and seed shop.

Shipping Range

There are many big companies who provide cannabis seeds. It is very important to find the company with a good reputation and history of being a well-managed business. Some of the most popular companies are Seedsman, True North Seed Bank, Nirvana seed bank, Azarius, MSNL, etc. All of these banks offer stealth shipping, which presents delivering seeds in their original packaging and sealed for maximum security and is sometimes charged additionally.

Most of the companies deliver all around the world, including USA, Canada, and Europe. The exception is Nirvana, who doesn’t deliver seeds to Australia and Japan. You should check this feature before making an order and ensure that the certain bank delivers seeds to your country.

Payment methods

As all of this banks are operating online, in most cases they have integrated payment methods like credit cards, bank transfer, Bitcoin, PayPal, etc. Although they may vary from company to company, don’t forget to check out that online. For example, Seedsman doesn’t support PayPal but does offer a Bitcoin payment method. Nirvana offers many of the most popular ways of payment. Choose the way that fits you best.

Reviews and Reputation

For seed banks that work online, reviews should be an easy way to gather all the information you should need. You’ll see the impressions of their customers and determine if that is the company you want to order from. Of course, years of experience and its online presence also make a significant matter in this decision. After choosing this way, there are fewer chances to make a mistake.

Besides everything mentioned so far, here are some other important things to reconsider that aren’t related to the marijuana seed banks. The first is the place of your residence, it is important to check if growing cannabis is legal in your area, this will determine whether you can buy the seeds or not.

You should also get informed about the laws in the case you’re be asked what you’ll be using it for. These are the questions that need to be solved before the shopping. After this, you must ensure to choose the right seed bank and in the end, make a successful trade. If you follow this advice, it shouldn’t be too hard to do!

Paul Morgan has more than 5 years of experience working in the marijuana industry. He is a marijuana enthusiast that loves to read and write on anything that is related to cannabis. At the moment, he is working as a content manager at CannabisOwl, a site devoted to cannabis seeds and store reviews.

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