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Strain Review: Black Gorilla From Honest Marijuana

We’re back with another Honest Marijuana strain review, last week we took on their Girl Scout Cookies, today we’re going to talk about their strain Black Gorilla.

I don’t know much about this strain, but according to Honest Marijuana it’s a cross of fan favorite Gorilla Glue #4 and a strain called Bright Berry. Like Honest Marijuana’s other strains, Black Gorilla is organically grown and also sealed in the nitro cans to preserve the quality of the bud. When I opened the can I was met with a bevy of golden-tinted green spheres that were covered in a nice layer of shiny trichomes and a pungent berry smell with a strong undertones that stung my sniffer.

Last Friday after work I celebrated with a few remaining bowls of Black Gorilla and it was quite the experience. Since I am off early on Fridays I usually have time for a nap and as I was waiting to fall asleep I kept hearing these funky, jovial beats which was weird because there was no music playing. I was channeling a part of my brain I never use and suddenly I was transported to a dreamland version of Adventure Time. I was only planning to sleep for 1 hour but it turned into 3 and when I woke up I was so happy and refreshed. Other times I felt heavily relaxed like my body was enraptured in a thick fog of peacefulness.

I spent a few days smoking on Black Gorilla and I must say that I found it to be quite potent. I felt like the effects I felt were the same as when I smoke TOO much Gorilla Glue. If you’ve never smoked Gorilla Glue there’s a common saying that it makes you feel stuck and I definitely felt that with Black Gorilla. If you have trouble sleeping this will definitely put you down for the count. In times of chaos and anxiety this will also help settle your nerves.

While Black Gorilla can be potent, it does offer a peaceful demeanor and some tripped-out dreamy qualities. 

Black Gorilla: 10 – Willie Nelson

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