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Strain Review: Girl Scout Cookies from Honest Marijuana

If you search Leafly by “Popular Strains”, one of the top three strains on there will be Girl Scout Cookies. The name alone makes you crave it, just like when it’s Girl Scout Cookie season and all you want are boxes and boxes of Saomas and Thin Mints.

Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid strain bred from a cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison. This strain was organically grown by Honest Marijuana out of Colorado. Honest Marijuana grows all their plants in a fully controlled environment with the following methods: 100% all organic soil grown, probiotically grown, hand watered and hand trimmed, pesticide and chemical free, plant-based nutrients, and no plant growth regulators.

What originally excited me about this product was that it came in a can sealed with nitrogen. By replacing the oxygen with nitrogen it helps preserve the quality and freshness of the bud. Honest Marijuana worked hard to grow and nurture the products we’re consuming so when we peel back that seal they want us to see, smell, and taste the quality of their products.

Upon opening the can I smelled a pungent sweet citrus smell with hints of pine, which makes sense when you look at the Strain Data from Leafly:

The nugs were nice and soft proving that the nitrogen packaging did help preserve the freshness.

It kicked in about 3-5 minutes after the first bowl and when it did my eye-lids started to feel low then my body started to relax. Girl Scout Cookies seemed like a mostly even hybrid, mentally I felt more of a cerebral high, but it also provided me with pain-free relaxation that my body desperately needed.

When it initially kicked in I started to feel a little distracted, instead of starting laundry I was suddenly enthralled in a text message exchange I was having. GSC isn’t a strain you want to be puffing on when you have something important going on, I had good control, but I was more focused on trivial things.

After the initial distraction I felt myself being more talkative, but my tongue felt a little numb causing me to be tongue-tied. I can definitely say that Girl Scout Cookies has dual use, it’s great if you’ve had a bad day/week/month and need to chill out, but it also has these happy, euphoric qualities that are great for being social or creative. GSC can also be used for pain relief and PMS symptoms which are no fun at all.

You don’t need much to feel high when using Girl Scout Cookies, after the second bowl I was lit and soon after I was sad that I didn’t have any actual Girl Scout Cookies in my cupboard to ravage. If you want a nice strain to smoke when you want to zone out creatively, while you’re deep in a music wormhole, or playing video games then Girl Scout Cookies should be one of your go-to’s, it’s great for when you want to feel unbothered and chill. Too bad the name gets a lot of flack!

Girl Scout Cookies: 8 – B-Real

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