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What is an Herbal Vaporizer?

What is an Herbal Vaporizer?

It almost seems like herbs are becoming a thing of the past ever since concentrates have come about. As time goes by, new methods of extraction are coming out which creates higher THC concentrates. However cannabis in the herbal form is still saving lives and some people do not like concentrates. If you are one of those people, you might have tried a dry herb vaporizer. Unfortunately many people are not educated on them. Some have not tried them at all and some have had bad experiences with them whether they did not know how to use it efficiently or use one that did not work properly. In order to know to talk more about them, let’s discuss the benefits of dry herb vaporizer pens.

Benefits of Dry Herb Vapes

Vaporizers come with many benefits to them and they all vary across the board. Generally strains with higher CBD are encouraged to be used vaporizes so you keep more of the CBD intact rather than burn it off. An average rule of thumb is you save about 95% of cannabinoids from vaping and only save about 20% from smoking. Here are some advantages of vapes over smoking.

  • Cleaner Inhalation – Vapor compared to smoke is much more thinner which helps you inhale your herbs without the irritation on your throat and lungs. Vapor doesn’t consist of the toxic tar that comes from smoking because vaping only heats up the active ingredients needed from that herb.
  • Discreet – Vapes are much more discreet from the vaporizers smell to the vapor they give out. They can smell up your room depending on your herbs but it won’t be nearly as much as smoking depending on the temperature you use it at.
  • Save More Weed – It’s no secret once you start using a vaporizer, you will see a major conservation of your medical marijuana because you’re not burning the herb. As we said earlier, you only heat the herb to vaporize the active ingredient not to burn or combust it.

How Does a Dry Herb Vaporizer Work?

Weed vape pens are pretty easy to understand. Convection vapes which heat the herbs through warm air are the better types of vaporizers. Conduction type vapes are ones where the heating coil is directly touching the herbs, which burn the herbs more. When you look to purchase your herbal vaporizer, make sure it comes with a temperature control setting. This ensures you can use different herbs since all herbs vaporize at different temperatures. Another thing to do before using your pen is to make sure your herbs are ground up well. Grinding up your herbs can play a huge part in vaping efficiently. If you just throw in nugs in your dry herb chamber, you won’t get an even heat distribution. This will cause them to go to waste from burning too much or vaporizing unevenly.

Take your ground up herbs and fill the chamber up about ¾ of the way. Turn on your vape and set it to your desired temperature. Marijuana is best vaped around 356°F to 392°F depending on its moistness. Depending on the vape, some will heat up fairly quickly and some not so quick. Newer vapes generally heat up within 20 to 30 seconds and some can go up to 90 seconds while desktop vaporizers are around two minutes. The higher the temperature is set at, the longer it will take.

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