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Black Mamba Slam Poetry


Though I reside in the Pacific Northwest (Portland/Vancouver to be exact), I have always been a Lakers fan. It’s a tough thing to be up here, but being from LA is something I hold dear to my heart because that’s where my family got their start after my grandparents migrated from Yucatan. Growing up I was always surrounded by sports, if it wasn’t the Dodgers it was always the Lakers.

One of the greatest to play wearing Purple and Gold is none other than Kobe Bryant. His last couple years weren’t his best, but through numerous injuries Kobe fought through it all and still played hard. Since retiring he hasn’t been in the spotlight as much, taking some much needed time off, but this year he’s been popping up more and more and I ain’t mad about that.

We don’t get to see the looser side of the Black Mamba, so lets all enjoy this clip from the Tonight Show where Kobe gives us some Urkel inspired slam poetry. (via)

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