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Lucas Brothers: On Drugs

How did you celebrate 420?

Most of the Pacific Northwest hit up events and parties, but I did what I normally do and took the day off to Netflix & Chill. This 420 I was mad excited because the Lucas Brothers new comedy special Lucas Bros: On Drugs premiered on Netflix. Before settling in to watch the new special I had a special sesh with a strain called “Fucking Incredible” and hit play when I felt I was ready to have my mind blown.

Like many, I was first introduced to the twin brothers after their role in 22 Jump Street, where the brothers basically played themselves. After their roles in 22 Jump Street they had an animated series, Lucas Bros Moving Company that appeared on Fox and FXX’s Animation Domination lineup, it ran for two seasons. Kenny and Keith attended law school for 3 years before deciding to pursue comedy.

On Drugs is definitely for the stoners! You don’t necessarily have to be high to enjoy it, but being high gives you more patience and you’ll need it given their randomness and slow delivery. The biggest thing that sets this special apart from others is that both brothers are on stage at the same performing their material, even finishing each other’s sentences. I was quite impressed with how synced up they were. Here’s the brothers telling LA Weekly what it’s like working together on their act:

With the stand-up act, we have to collaborate consistently,” Keith says. “With animation, we can go off on our own and write our own scripts. With stand-up, we constantly have to work together, which makes it a bit more collaborative. Stand-up is a lonely endeavor for most people. You travel alone, you perform alone, and I’ve seen people get mentally frustrated because of it. I’ve never really worked alone, but I feel like working together gives us somewhat of an advantage when coming up with material. We always have each other to bounce our ideas off of, and even when I’m not coming up with anything, I know some ideas in his mind are percolating. It seems like it always makes us more productive.

So what can you expect from On Drugs? The show opens with Richard Nixon’s speech declaring the war on drugs, a central theme for the special. When they were young their father was put behind bars during the War on Drugs and they touch on how it has impacted their family and how we as a society are still dealing with all this Nixon bullshit, here’s what they told the Brooklyn Vegan:

Keith went to Duke Law, where Richard Nixon also studied. Our father went to prison in connection with the War on Drugs. Our family was kind of decimated by the War on Drugs, and Nixon started it. We’re just fascinated by the dude. It’s weird now that the ghost of Nixon sort of hangs over our contemporary times. Nixon was just one of the most pivotal politicians ever, and it’s weird that we have such a personal connection to him.

Aside from their takes about the  War on Drugs you can expect bits on Neon Deion Sanders’  “Must Be The Money” video, OJ Simpson. A couple of my favorite segments are how they deal with Twin Discrimination and what it was like for Charles Barkley to get a call from the GOAT Michael Jordan and his plans for the classic movie, Space Jam. At the end of this special there’s also an animated short in the same style as their animated series featuring the twins and Richard Nixon.

Roll one, light one, just make sure you check out this special!


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