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Thirsty For Some Black Cherry Soda

Black Cherry Soda, you treated me so well but I didn’t review you and now I’m sad.

I was going through some photo albums on my blog and realized there were at least 15 strains that I had pics of, but never reviewed. Most of that is due to laziness, but a lot of it has to do with tolerance. I am a daily smoker and sometimes weed is just weed and I have a hard time differentiating the effects I feel because I am always high.

Black Cherry Soda was a strain I tried during my lazy, always high, and almost wanting to stop reviewing, not feeling at all creative phase. I just wasn’t into it and that’s not BCS’ fault, it’s mine.

This strain is a hybrid and has a lovely berry smell with earthy tones and when combined gives off a hint of cola smell. It’s sweet tasting and smooth. I have a friend who always gets so sleepy with buds that have purples and blues because a lot of them have indica effects, but I felt that Black Cherry Soda didn’t make me feel sleepy. Like the Leafly description says, it has more of a calming sativa feel to it.

I believe when I was smoking on BCS, it was during a week where it was cold, gray, and rainy (like a lot of the days up here) and the relaxed euphoric feelings it gave me helped out with the SADS.

Aside from it being a stunning beauty, that’s about all I can remember about Black Cherry Soda. It’s a shame too, because I am really THIRSTY for some of this right now. Look at IT!! Those dark green and purple nugs, covered in a huge helping of sticky, sugary goodness!

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