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Munchies: Hostess Ding Dong Ice Cream Sandwiches

Summertime is now in session, so cool treats are mandatory!

When I found out that Hostess released an ice cream sandwich version of their Ding Dong dessert snack I had to have one. I did what any sane and somewhat stoned person would do and rushed to my local Freddy’s.

The Ding Dong Ice Cream Sandwiches are wrapped individually and come 5 in a pack, each sandwich is 180 calories. The sandwiches are slightly bigger than the unfrozen version of itself and they’re covered in a smooth layer of chocolate coating. Once you bite into it the coating won’t hold up well and it’ll crack and crumble, so they can be a little messy. If you eat it with the wrapper you should be a-okay, or if you wanna get fancy with it you can go full Costanza and eat it with a knife and fork. Once you bite into it you’ll also notice a crunchy chocolate cookie layer and the inside filled with vanilla ice cream. Think a Klondike bar, only better!

Fans of regular Ding Dongs and Ice Cream Sandwiches will definitely love to cool down with this dessert, I only wish they were bigger. While these sandwiches aren’t life changing, they’ll definitely satisfy your sweet tooth cravings…AKA THE MUNCHIES!

Hostess has other ice cream products: they have a Twinkies Cone and Snoballs Bar along with Twinkies, Cupcakes, and Snoballs ice cream. Too bad they didn’t include Chocodiles.

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