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Strain Review: Space Queen From Phat Panda

Have you guys checked out Guardians of the Galaxy 2?

I have and I meant to post about it shortly after the movie, but you know me, Lazy old Becks!

Myself and a couple people were pretty stoked to check this flick out back in May, and I thought what could help elevate this viewing? Well wouldn’t you know it, a 1 gram preroll of Space Queen fell out of the sky and went right into my lungs.

Space Queen is the lovechild between the Indica strain, Romulan, and the dreamy Sativa, Cinderella 99. As I took the preroll out of its container, I gently slid the cone against my nostrils and was met with a sensual aroma of vanilla-spice that transported me to an enchanted forest where I imagined myself lying in a meadow in deep meditation taking in each earthy scent. Since I was only imbibing on Space Queen in preroll form, I wasn’t lucky enough to see what she actually looks like…that is until Phat Panda was nice enough to provide some snaps. Covered in a regal coat of crystals with majestic hairs popping with color, Space Queen looks as decadent as she smells.

The movie was already bright and loud given that it was in full HD and picture, but Space Queen took my viewing experience to a whole nother level by making the colors and sounds much more vibrant. I felt like I was traveling through the galaxy, vibing to the soothing sounds of Yacht Rock that the soundtrack provided. The movie was emotional at times, but somehow Space Queen deepened those emotions and made them much more apparent. It was like Space Queen was Mantis and let my inner feelings out.

While I found Space Queen to be mostly cerebral, there was a nice level of physical relaxation that flowed through my body without making me feel tired when I came down. Space Queen is a great strain to elevate sour moods and enhance entertainment. I mostly felt like I was in a spaced out-dreamy-paradox with an energetic sense of euphoria and calmness. I highly recommend this strain if you’re feeling depressed, this will calm your nerves and get your mind right. My preroll of Space Queen came from Phat Panda and purchased at the Herbery , pick one up and enjoy the trip!

Space Queen: 9 – Snoop Dogg

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