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Groove Grinder From Aerospace (Review)

There are endless options of grinders on the market, so how do you decide which is worth your money?

That’s where I come in…because I just received a Groove Grinder from Aerospace. This 4 piece, 63mm CNC Groove Grinder comes with a magnetic lid, kief catcher/sifter, and a guitar pick scraper with double-lead threading.

I currently have two grinders, one was a cheap “herb grinder” I got for $9 on Amazon, and the other is a Sutra (not a real review) that I received last year that I’ve been using since. While I do love the Sutra it’s a bit different than the Groove Grinder because the shred patterns are different. While the Sutra Grinder has razor sharp shredding teeth, the Groove Grinder uses a coaxial turbine technology for a new type of shredding pattern.

It’s hard to completely remove stems from some buds, especially if they’re super sticky and most grinders will shred the stems along with your buds. That’s not the case with the new shred pattern from the Groove Grinder, it gives you a light feathery grind each time you use it and also separates unwanted materials *cough* stems and sticks *cough* and that’s pretty fucking dope!

The new radial shredding design and the end result of how well shredded my weed was had me impressed. I thought that the consistency did in fact feel different from other grinders which all use the same shredding teeth pattern, it’s nice to have different options. I did find that with stickier buds instead of falling straight through to the next chamber that some of the weed would get stuck and that became kind of bothersome. There is an easy remedy for this, I used the scraper/pick that was included and one of my vape poker tools to poke the product through.

Treat yo self and purchase a Groove Grinder from Vape World ($59.99), they come in a variety of colors.

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