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Music To Smoke To: Chicano Batman – Black Lipstick (Video)



Friday before a New Year, Becks is released from her dungeon earlier than expected so she comes home and eats a healthy and satisfying salad (salad really??). Becks then decides to smoke some weed, she grabs her bong and then loads it with flower and then some hash for an extra kick. Not feeling satisfied she then smokes the butt of this joint with her bong and takes a measly 10mg edible candy.

The living room is cozy, mostly dark with a red glow from the Christmas lights and she keeps thinking about this song she heard on the radio, you know it the one, it foes “Friendship is a small boat in a storm” from Chicano Batman. So Becks goes to Apple Music to listen to more Chicano Batman, then she moves to YouTube. 


This was me earlier…I am now sharing the best video I found in my wormhole from the band Chicano Batman, “Black Lipstick”.

I am sitting here with droopy eyes in awe of such a cool fucking video. The bright visuals are a magnet, mix that with the soulful vibe of the song and you’ve got magic.

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