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Product Review: Magical Butter

Earlier this year a friend was visiting and I wanted to celebrate by making my favorite edibles “Cannabis Infused Krispy Treats” aka Fruit Pebble (my post explains the weird name). My only problem? I didn’t have any cannabis butter onhand to do so! Luckily I remembered I was sent this nifty contraption called the Magical Butter and figured that would be a good time to try it out.

The Magical Butter maker features a fully automatic microprocessor-controlled program sequences, two button simplicity, a stainless steel pitcher, integrated digital thermostat and sensors bring laboratory-grade temperature controls for consistent results. It makes 2-5 cups per cycle and you can make oil in 1 hour, butter in 2, tincture in 4, concentrated oil in 5 hours and it’s SELF CLEANING!!

So what is a Magical Butter you ask?

I like to think of it as the love child that was created during a steamy menage a trois with a crock pot, tea kettle and Kitchen Aid. The Magical butter is counter top botanical extractor that you can use to make cannabis infused butter, cooking oil, tinctures and concentrates. You can then use those base recipes to make desserts, smoothies, sauces, marinades, candies, lotions, salves and a lot more (peep their site).

So how does the Magical Butter work you ask?

It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is figure out whether you’re in the mood for butter, oil, or a tincture and follow the instructions that come with your Magical Butter. Once you press the buttons the heating element will kick turn on and the motor will start. The immersion blade will then chop, grind, and stir your ingredients with the butter, oil, or alcohol.

When I used my Magical Butter this was my second time making butter, the first time I used the stove top method. One of the things I’ve heard from people and something the Magical Butter has you do is decarboxylate your cannabis before you make butter with it. Decarbing is the process of adding heat to your cannabis to convert THCA (non psychoactive) into THC (psychoactive). (Reasons to decarboxylate)

To decarboxylate you’ll preheat your oven to 200 – 240 degrees  and place your herb in a baking dish. Place on the center rack and bake for 30 minutes or until your buds are golden brown. Once I let my freshly decarbed cannabis cool off I was ready to make some butter!

Thanks to the Magical Butter the process of butter making is pretty easy, like a crock pot you place all your ingredients inside, set the timer and walk away. For the butter all you need is 2-5 cups of clarified butter (fancy way of saying melted) and about 14 grams of cannabis, place all your ingredients into the machine and press the temperature button, select 160 and the 2 Hours Butter button. Once the cycle is complete make sure you unplug the unit and remove the head of the appliance, put on your Love Glove (silicone glove that’s included) and pout the pitcher contents through your PurifyFilter into your container of choice or into formed molds.

The instructions prefer for you to use full buds instead of ground material, which I did, but not sure what the difference in quality would be. They also recommend using Lecithin a product that’s used for binding ingredients in lipids that helps increase the bioavailability of plant compounds in high-lipid infusions to intensify the potency of the extracts. I didn’t use Lecithin and my butter came out fine.

So is making butter easier with the Magical Butter?

I’d say that’s a big YES. While making butter on the stove isn’t difficult, you do have to tend to it, stirring so the buds don’t stick. With the Magical Butter you just add the ingredients, turn the machine and walk away. SO SIMPLE. The total time it took to make the butter was about 2 hrs so imagine all the things you can get done in that time. One of the cool things about the machine is the light show you’re treated to while it’s cooking.

Another awesome thing about the Magical Butter is that it cleans itself! All you do is rinse the pitcher and blades, fill the pitcher with water about halfway and add dish soap. Once the lid is secure press the clean button and VOILA! No dishes…huge bonus.

The Magical Butter is a versatile machine that eases the pain that can come with making butter, oil, or tinctures. While more experienced users may not think they need it, it can be helpful for novice users and people who don’t have a stove top and the fact that you can leave it unattended is a huge plus.

You can get a Magical Butter straight off their site or head over to Vape World, $174.95 at both. You can also pick up silicone molds, cooking utensils and extra gloves or filters in their accessories section.

I’m excited to keep using my Magical Butter, I am going to have fun making tasty treats and rubs using their tincture, oil and butter recipes.

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