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Strain Review: Cinderella’s Dream From Smokey Point Productions

Here’s a neat thing about legal weed, you can give or receive cannabis products as gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or just for the fuck of it. Sure, you could to do this before, but now that the stigma is slowly fading some people are more comfortable with the act.

At a holiday party I recently attended a friend of mine gifted me an eighth as a stocking stuffer. I was very touched by this gift, not only because I hadn’t seen this friend in awhile and it was generous, but because since legalization he’s completely created a new DILF-stoner lifestyle and it’s been awesome to see come to fruition. When weed became legal he felt more comfortable partaking, so comfortable in fact he now has his own BOX-O-WEED which is a pretty decent size.

So what about the strain? The strain this friend gifted me was called Cinderella’s Dream, grown by Smokey Point Productions.

“Becks, I’m telling you, this is my favorite strain!”

Free weed and it’s dank? SOLD! (obviously it doesn’t take much to convince me)

Cinderella’s Dream is a hybrid strain and comes from the cross between Cinex and Blue Dream. Cinex and Blue Dream are perfect on their own, but when combined they shoot your endocannabinoid system up with some powerful transformative feelings. I felt the effects immediately. After two tokes from my magic wand I went from shabby to chic and was ready for the ball (but really I was just sitting in my office chair).

Her buds were slightly dense and VERY sticky. I got hints of a lemon-peppery citrus scent that put a twinkle in my eye because I was ready for it to take over my soul. Buds were light green and covered with sparkling gold crystals that looked like fairy dust.

The high was basically like the fairy tale Cinderella, the Disney version anyway. I had feelings of euphoric enchantment like she must’ve felt heading into the ball ready to slay all over Prince Charming who is just standing there looking like a snack. That was followed by an intense zap of hazy energy and I was mowing down chores as if my ugly stepsisters and psychotic stepmother were after me. There were moments of extreme chattiness and a bubbly attitude, I found myself talking to anyone who would listen even animals. Mixed in were creative spurts and the strong focus you’d need to sew a dress from scratch that you know your super hater stepsisters are just going to rip to shreds because you’re CINDER-FUCKING-RELLA & they’re trash! 

Cinderella’s Dream is basically your fairy godmother and she’s bringing you a strain that fits like a glass slipper. (By the way, why are her slippers glass?)

Too much with the Cinderella comparisons? It’s all very simple, this strain is awesome if you want a heavy cerebral high. I usually prefer strains like these when I need to feel creative, open and friendly in social situations or when I need an instant wallop of happy-lovey-enchanting feelings that give off a good energy.

Cinderella’s Dream: 8 – B-Real

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