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Product Review: DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

Being able to review cannabis strains and products can be so much fun. You get to try new and fun products and some of the time it’s free, but sometimes it can be a lot of work because there are only so many ways you can describe the same thing you’ve already written about like 10 times. It’s easy to get burned out, combine that with a regular full time job and AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!

SO, it’s nice when you get to review cool products from awesome companies that care about showing you that your opinion matters to them.

When I was approached about reviewing the DaVinci IQ, I jumped at the chance to do so, but I didn’t foresee the manner in which I would receive the product. 

I do receive a lot of packages, but most of the time they’re smaller than a shoe box that contain the product and maybe a note. I didn’t expect a personalized wooden crate with the words “DAVINCI PURE INNOVATION” carved into it and a few extra goodies.

The package contained a DaVinci t-shirt, glass nug jar, DaVinci IQ Vaporizer kit with carrying case, and a personalized letter from the company with a thumb drive full of product information and promotional stills. While many of the companies I’ve reviewed for do have excellent branding, I haven’t worked with one who has taken this much care into how they want their product perceived.


Let’s get into it!

DaVinci Vaporizer Kit:

  • DaVinci IQ handheld vape
  • Keychain Tool
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Keychain Carrying Can
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 9 Alcohol Wipes For Cleaning
  • Additional Extended Mouthpiece (some come with a 10MM water adapter, but mine didn’t)
  • 3500mAh – 18650 Battery

With a 100% ceramic zirconia mouthpiece and air path the DaVinci IQ is supposed to give off the same taste as glass, allowing the user to draw out the purest flavor, is that true? DAMN RIGHT BRO! I got good draws that produced some thick vapor and the purest, crispest flavor I’ve ever tasted with a handheld vaporizer..

The heating chamber is glass coated with a ceramic oven and a zirconia pearl lid. The pearl can be removed if you’d like more space. I was able to fit 3 small scoops of herb in there, not a bad size for a handheld vape.  I used my Sutra Grinder (50mm & 65mm) to grind my weed because it shreds my weed pretty good, any grinder would work though.

Using the IQ is cinchy (taking it WAY back to a word I haven’t used since elementary school). After loading the device making sure it’s tightly packed turn your device on by clicking the power button 5 times, your device will start to power up, to turn off the device click the button another 5 times while saying “There’s no place like home!”. 

The DaVinci IQ has 3 different modes to choose from: Smart Path, Precision, and Boost. When you turn your device on it will start up in Smart Path Mode, you’ll notice this because the 51 grid light display will show a blinking square and your device will vibrate when the temp is reached:

One square is SP1: 350 – 370, Two squares is SP2 370-390, Three squares is SP3 390-410, and Four squares is SP4 410-430.

You can toggle between the different Smart Path functions by pressing the up and down buttons. Personally, I am a fan of SP2 & SP3.

To switch from Smart Path Mode to Precision Mode all you have to do is press the control/power button once. Precision Mode will heat up your material to the exact temp you choose, press the up and down buttons to raise or decrease, your IQ will blink and vibrate when your perfect temp is reached. I found that my perfect temp was 378-380.

For Boost Mode after your DaVinci IQ is powered up, hold down the control/power button to activate and hold it to stay at the max temp which is around 430. I used Boost Mode for when I wanted to get super LITTY. Boost Mode is the weed equivalent to BEAST MODE. I am not joking when I say this, I wound up hitting the Boost Mode mode super hard and just sat there in a daze. It packs a fucking punch!

If you’re in public and want to be a bit more inconspicuous you can go into Stealth Mode to dim the lights. I imagine this will help conserve battery life as well 

One of the unique features that comes with the Da Vinci IQ is the use of the DaVinci app, available in the Apple and Google Play Stores. Bluetooth integration connects your device to the app and from there you can turn your IQ on and customize your sesh. You can create your own custom settings by choosing what temps and length of time works best for you. I haven’t been able to figure out how to save the custom session settings because when I hit save they don’t save….lol…(still learning).

I’ve only used one other vape that had app integration and the DaVinci IQ’s is far superior. I don’t know how much I would use this feature though. I did find that I utilized it more while sitting at my desk when I was in a writing zone, but aside from that I figure it’s easier to just grab your vape and push the buttons. The more I use my vape the more I might use the app though, you never know.

The device can be charged via micro USB, plugging it into any wall charger or computer. The 18650 battery is removable and youcan charge it with an external charger when removed from your IQ, the battery is also replaceable. I used my IQ for about 10-15 sessions over 3 days and wound up using about 80 – 90% of my battery before it needed to charge.

Did I use all the tools provided to load and clean my DaVinci? Not exactly. I did use the brush, but to load and stir my material I used my two sided Wulf Tech Scoop Dab Tool, since it’s easier to handle than the mini tools that come in most vape kits. Cleaning the device is easy, removable parts can be submerged in isopropyl alcohol and other parts can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and a qtip or alcohol wipes.

In a recent Instagram post I mentioned that I was testing out the DaVinci IQ and a follower of mine mentioned that while they loved their IQ, they preferred the additional mouthpiece it comes with instead of the standard one because it’s a bit awkward. When you look at the standard mouthpiece you’ll notice it’s in the shape of a mouth, so you just put your lips to it and draw, it kinda feels like you’re making out with your vape which isn’t so bad and kind of the point right? The additional mouthpiece has more of a straw-like feature so you just stick the tip in your mouth and inhale…I swear I am not trying to make this sound sexual!

My only negative comment is that after continuous usage the device does get kind of warm, it won’t burn you but it is noticeable. I noticed it around the 10-12 minute mark.

Aside from that I was left with nothing but good impressions of the DaVinci IQ. It’s a good size, about 3 inches tall and weighs about 5oz, a few less than an iPhone 8+. It easily fits into your hand and wouldn’t be cumbersome if you were carrying it around in your pocket. The button positioning has a pleasing ergonomic design, they’re located near each other and in a natural, comfortable position. 

The IQ has a smooth finish that gives it an elegant feel. So, I highly recommend getting a case for your DaVinci IQ. The IQ comes in a variety of colors including this stunning, limited edition “Olive” color (mine is blue). 

I’ve tried numerous handheld vaporizers and so far the DaVinci IQ is unmatched in the looks and parts department. It has a 50s/60s retrofuturistic look to it, but with today’s technology, it’s the type of vaporizer you’d picture Don Draper using. 

If you want to vape with high tech sophistication you should definitely try the DaVinci IQ, it’s the Tesla of vapes.

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