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Kush Cards Valentine’s Slay Pack

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and I feel like this year a lot of gifts are going to be cannabis related.

Want to add a little something extra to your Vday gift giving repertoire? Why not give your boo or crush a Kush Card! Kush Cards have been around for awhile, but I finally got around to ordering some so here we are.

Each Kush Card has beautiful, vibrant art work on the front with space inside to doodle, write a loving note, or sexy limerick. You can even dress them up with stickers. The front of the cards has a spot to insert any preroll or blunt to give to your sweets. At the bottom of each card there’s a match striker so you can toke up on the spot. No matches? Don’t sweat it because each card comes with matches too.

You can buy cards separately for $5.99 (plus shipping), but I opted to get their Valentine’s Slay set that comes with 5 cards for $20. The set comes with their Dope Smoke, High Love You, Stoner Script, Perfect Match, and Bee Mine cards.

Kush cards are a fun, creative way to gift cannabis by taking the “traditional” greeting card and elevating it. Show someone you care with some added flair.

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