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Product Review: Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pen – Flight Edition & Pink Edition

Last year I was previously sent two awesome Dr. Dabber Aurora vape pens. They’re both essentially the same pen, but each was released with their own unique look and proceeds from each went to a couple awesome charities.

The Aurora, previously known as the Aura are unlike other pens on the market. You won’t see the difference because it does look like other pens, but once you start using it you’ll notice what separates it from the rest.

Each kit contains:

  • 3 Atomizers: Ceramic Halo w/ Quartz Dish. Dual Ceramic heating rods w/ Quartz Dish, and Dual Quartz heating rods w/ Quartz Dish
  • Loading Tool
  • Shatter Proof Silicone Container
  • Standard Magnet Charger w/ Charging base
  • 2 Ceramic Mouthpieces

What makes the Aurora Pens unique is that each piece is magnetic so they snap together quickly and easily. Common pens have 510 threading where you screw each piece together, this just shaves off a few seconds.

As you do with other vape pens you’ll press the power button 5 times to turn on and off. To cycle through the 3 different heat settings you’ll press the power button 3 times. One of the unique features of the Aurora pens is that you have the option to heat your concentrates at different temps with its variable voltage function.

Not all concentrates are the same, so why are we burning them like they are? After you choose which atomizer suits your session best you can then cycle through the different heat settings to find out which will enhance the flavors of your concentrates to your liking. The variable voltage function is a nice feature, since concentrates have different consistencies you can really tailor your experience to the specific needs of your product. I’ve found that I get the best flavor on the low and medium heat settings.

The Dual Quartz Rod is best for concentrates that aren’t thick or sticky. The Dual Ceramic Rod work best with concentrates that have a thicker consistency. And the Ceramic Halo atomizer works best for waxier concentrates like crumble. All three give you the chance to widen your range and experience.

Loading your pen is easy. You just take your loading tool and place your product on the heating element, making sure to avoid contact between the heating element and loading tool. I like to place my product just to the side of the heating element, so it doesn’t get too sticky. Doing that should help extend the life of the atomizer.

I’ve used other vape pens similar to the Aurora in the past and I was always unhappy with them because I felt like they just burned my product, giving me a charred flavor. The Dr. Dabber Aurora Vape Pens give you a few options to work with so you can find the best flavor and they’ve exceeded my expectations.

My complaints: Cleaning pens like this can be daunting, you use regular isopropyl alcohol, but you have to be careful not to damage the atomizer. You’re basically trying to clean a small area that can be hard to get to (you can buy replaceable atomizers on their site). While I like the magnetic feature, the pieces move around a lot, which may or may not annoy you.

I’ve been a huge fan of Dr. Dabber products in the past, the Aura was the first pen I reviewed. This company continues to impress me. Their charity packs are awesome because they take their basic vape pen and put their own unique spin on it to make sure their charity is presented in a artistic way.

Let’s hope that Dr. Dabber re-releases these charity packs, or finds new ways to surprise us!

Dr. Dabber Aurora Flight Edition

I was so impressed with the kit Dr. Dabber put together for the “Flight Edition”, it’s so bad ass!

The pen is modeled after the P40 ‘Flying Tigers’ warplane. It features a satin olive finish with Tiger Shark detailing and imagery, it also comes with military themed accessories.

My “Flight Edition” kit was a promotional one, but the limited edition kits should come with a special number carved into each box to symbolize its exclusivity.

33% of all proceeds went to Grow 4 Vets (now known as Hero Grown) an organization that has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cannabis for military vets across the country.

Heat Settings:

Low = White – Blue = Medium – Yellow = High

Click power button 3 times to cycle through and click power button 5 times to turn on/off.

Dr. Dabber Aurora Pink Edition

The Aurora “Pink Edition” comes with a pink satin finish and white detailing. My kit also came with a satin bandanna, some patches, and a cute shatter container that reminded me of a compact.

Breast cancer awareness is very important so I thought it was pretty cool that they parterned with “Keep A Breast“. They’ve made it even easier for you to establish your own routine by providing free apps (Apple & Google) to remind you to check your boobies!

33% of all proceeds goes towards “Keep A Breast”.

Heat Settings:

Low = Green – Blue = Med – Pink = High

Click power button 3 times to cycle through and click power button 5 times to turn on/off.

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