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The Weekend CBD Box

Over the last five years or so curated boxes have become quite popular. They have boxes for gamers/comic lovers, people who love to snack, makeup/beauty enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts, they even have curated boxes for your dog!

Now that the recreational use of cannabis is legal in nine states (29 for medical use) there’s a new market to tap in the curated lifestyle box game. Prior to the last year or so these curated boxes only contained products to enjoy cannabis with, like rolling papers and small water pipes (small list from Leafly).

Things have changed and now there are curated boxes that come with actual cannabis, like Portland’s own Green Box, a cannabis subscription club that delivers personalized boxes to your home. Las Vegas company, Altitude Products led by Founder & CEO, Krista Witley has created their own cannabis curated box called The Weekend Box, which includes flower, concentrates, cartridges, prerolls, and more (in-store only and available in CA and NV). To reach a broader audience they’ve now branched out with The Weekend Box CBD that comes with 5 CBD only products.


What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol is one of 113 active cannabinoids found in cannabis. Unlike another major cannabinoid found in cannabis, THC, CBD is known to help users avoid the psychoactive effects caused by THC. In fact, CBD actually helps counter those effect that are caused by THC.  CBD is a anti-inflammatory that can help ease chronic pain , anxiety and depression. It’s often used to treat seizures, arthritis, PTSD, MS, EDS, and can help fight cancer. (please read this in depth articles from Leafly, there are too many to list, but that one is good.)

CBD isn’t just blowing up for medical use, it’s also becoming a popular trend in the beauty and lifestyle markets. Celebrities like Olivia Wilde are all on board with the magical benefits CBD provides. In fact, stylist Karla Welch has been using a Lord Jones CBD lotion to ease the pain of her clients’ feet during red carpet events.

With CBD products claiming to contain anti-aging properties to fight fine lines and wrinkles, and the promise to help treat acne, there’s no logical reason to now try CBD products out for yourselves to see the results. Of course a lot more studies need to be done, but you can easily find numerous educational resources for CBD with a quick Google search.

Let’s get into the Weekend Box CBD:

January is synonymous with rejuvenation and new beginnings, the Weekend Box CBD “New Year, New You” box has 5 CBD products that are meant to revitalize your mind, body and soul. Each box contains an educational guide with product information and tips to get the most out of each product you use.

Select CBD Pen “Peppermint” – The oil used to make the Select CBD Pens is derived from locally grown hemp plants on organic soil. Each pen provides users with the highest quality distillate of pure CBD oil with varying essential oils to elevate the experience. Each pen should contain about 150 puffs. They’re small, portable, and discreet so you can vape on the go, at home, or at work because each pen is THC free. I first used the pen after a strenuous day, to make matters worse I had a headache that just wouldn’t stop. I took a few puffs off my pen and after a couple of minutes I could feel the pain disappear. While the pen did help alleviate some of the pain, it didn’t quite go away. A couple days after that I combined some Mozart with my Select CBD pen and found that the two combined were an unstoppable force and not only was I slightly energetic and focused on my writing. Peppermint is uplifting and I could definitely feel it because after each puff I felt unstoppable. Each puff tasted like a fresh piece of Doublemint gum that tingled my tongue and awakening my taste buds. I am also a huge fan of the turquoise/Tiffany-Blue finish, it gives the pen a chic and sophisticated look that would have Holly Golightly envious.

Bella Crema Elegante – I really wish this cream came in a bigger container because I am so 100% in love with it *heart eyes emoji*!! The cream has a full body, whipped texture with a light scent, something people with allergies can appreciate. I found the cream to have similar consistency to body butter which I tend to find decadent because of the thickness and how long it takes to absorb into the skin. I’ve been using my Bella Cream after hot showers as recommended, but part of me thinks a cream like this would be great during a nice massage or foot rub. While I didn’t think it took away any aches or pains, it did make my skin feel the softest it has in awhile (and I have super soft skin).

Glace Chocolate BonBons – Each Bon-Bon was rich and creamy, they contain about 30mg of CBD per piece. The user guide says to eat one and wait, but I had the munchies that day and they didn’t last long (don’t tell anyone)! The dark chocolate was rich with a little bitterness and the truffle cream inside counteracted that with some added sweetness.

Bella “You’re the Bomb” Bath Bomb & Bella Stress Dissolve Bath Salts – I used both products after a hard workout and afterwards my body sure was happy. I always have slight lower back and hip pain and my arthritic toe is always bothering me, but during my bath none of it mattered. My skin was so silky soft and only made better when I used my Bella Crema to seal it all in. The Bath salts are made with Pink Himalayan Salt which has anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties. The combination of both was a luxurious experience, I don’t take many baths, but I think I might just have to treat myself every now again since I have some of the salts left.

Caviar Gold Cavi Tea – During cold weather I try to stay away from coffee and rely more on herbal tea, I was quite happy that it was included in the Weekend Box. Caviar Gold tea is a blend of Gotu Kola which alone has some wonderful properties, but combined with CBD oil it can decompress and relieve the body from aches and pains to give your body and mind a stress free feeling. I am about halfway through my cup of tea and I do feel, clear mental stimulation aka I have been able to write for over an hour without taking any breaks! The scent of the tea is fruity, it kind of reminds me of strawberry Bubblicious gum, once I poured the hot water it smelled like instant strawberry oatmeal. The user guide says to add a fat source like milk, coconut oil or butter for maximum absorption, but I just used water and felt like it works.

I enjoyed most products in this box, there were a few I fell deeply enamored with more than others though. Curated boxes are a fun way to sample products you’ve never heard of and some you just may end up putting into your daily rotation.

Thank you so so much for this luxurious opportunity and thank you or the mental clarity and soft skin!

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