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The Dipper by Dipstick Vapes (Review)

Here’s a bit of a humblebrag: While it can be time consuming, I get to try a lot of cool products. I’m nowhere near close to many of the other influencers out there, but something is better than nothing right? OH SO RIGHT!

Recently I’ve been testing out a product called the Dipper by Dipstick Vapes. The Dipper is a multi-functional vaporizer that lets users consume their concentrates. You can use it like a typical dab pen with a Quartz Crystal Atomizer that you load, or you can switch to the Vaporizer Tip Atomizer and use it like a nectar collector where you can dab straight from your container!

The Dipper Kit I was sent included:

  • Dipper Vaporizer Unit.
  • Loading Tool
  • Micro USB Charger
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • 1 Quartz Crystal Atomizer (dual quartz rods with Ti coils)
  • 2 Vapor Tip Atomizer (ceramic tip with Ni coils)

Power On/Off: Press power button 5 times quickly to power up and turn off your Dipper, lights will flash blue, green, red.

Changing Temperature: Press the power button 3 times to quickly cycle between the different temperature settings. Blue = low, Green = medium, and Red = High.

Using The Dipper: As I mentioned above this unit is versatile so you can use it one of two ways, as a normal dab pen by loading your product onto the Quartz Atomizer, or you can use the Vapor Tip Atomizer where you just brush the tip against your product and inhale.

  • Vapor Tip Atomizer: Remove the mouthpiece and place it on the bottom of your Dipper unit then screw in the attachment and turn your unit on, when it’s done powering up hold down the power button to heat up the coil and lightly run the tip over your concentrates and inhale. Be careful with the vaporizer tip, after a few uses with mine the tip started separating from the base, so it’s a little loose. I think I was a little too rough with it when I was removing the mouthpiece because I was so excited to dab my face off.
  • Quartz Crystal Atomizer: Screw in the attachment and load your concentrates into the bowl, cover it with the mouthpiece and then turn your unit on and choose the temperature that works for you, hold the power button down and then inhale.

Cleaning Your Dipper: Clean your unit with isopropyl alcohol and the swabs that are included to clean out the reclaim chamber and Quartz Crystal Atomizer of any built up residue. You can also soak the vaporizer tip and quartz atomizer in alcohol to remove gunk, then rinse with warm water and and set it aside to dry. Most typical dab pens don’t advise you soak your actual atomizer so this will help keep your pieces clean and elongate their life.

The act of dabbing has always and will always intimidate me, mostly because I don’t do it much. Not only is the high WAY stronger than your average bowl or joint, but the act is complicated AF to us inexperienced dabbers. I can’t pat my head and rub my belly at the same time so heating my nail with a TORCH then swirling around my concentrate and inhaling/exhaling numerous times is just a bit much. The task can be daunting…especially if you’re a newbie.

This is why the Dipper from Dipstick is such a great product, it eases people into the experience and eliminates the intimidation factor. AND It’s a great product for seasoned veterans too because this gives them the option to stop and glob on the go.

Not to be a snitch, but I see so many people who dab in cars over on Instagram (Never while actually driving, mostly passengers) and wouldn’t it be easier to use a product like the Dipper versus the normal ritual in a moving vehicle ESPECIALLY if it’s just as effective? You guys haves some mad skill, but safety is always important.

I used the Dipper over the last week, and I’m pretty much in love with it! I mainly use it as a nectar collector because that’s what actually gives the unit its unique flair.

Since I am not someone who dabs a lot testing this out and trying to get a short video for Instagram was a fun cough-filled challenge, I wound up so fucking high! The concentrate I had was a sativa so I was just bouncing off the walls. I started coloring in “The Killer Weed Coloring Book” and would switch between that and decluttering my office for awhile. I was hella productive…at 10 pm on a Tuesday. One of the other times we went to Ben’s Bottle Shop and while seated at the bar I kept thinking I was sliding off my chair. Mostly I was just more talkative and energetic.

I have this small collection of concentrates that have been piling up and never used them much because of my dab pen issues (they’re easier to conceal, but a pain to clean). I don’t own a rig so having the Dipper is a nice alternative until I am ready to take the next step and purchase a rig and torch.

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