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The SilverStick One Hitter + Leather Dugout (Product Review)

I’ve owned a couple one hitters throughout my life, but rarely ever used them. Typically when I’m on the go I bring my pipe with me or a vape pen, unless I need to be extra covert ops about getting high then I use a one hitter.

One hitters haven’t changed much over the years, you can get them at any headshop for a cheap price and they’re all pretty basic: metal or glass (sometimes with a design) two holes on each end, put weed in one end, inhale on the other and voila!

But my friends, the game is now changed thanks to the SilverStick. I was sent two versions of the SilverStick: the slim and large (both retail for $25). My large SilverStick came in their leather dugout complete kit which includes the large SilverStick, an airtight storage container, metal Clipper lighter, stainless steel poker, odor-resistant end cap and 15 cotton filters. This kit retails at $89.

There’s no real difference between the two SilverSticks aside from size. They’re both made with aircraft grade alloy, but the Slim SilverStick will give you 2-3 draws, where the Large SilverStick will give you 4-6 since it holds more weed. When purchasing the Large or Slim SilverStick each comes with a stainless steel poker, 15 all natural cotton filters, and a smell resistant cap.

To use your pipe just unscrew the pipe and insert your cotton filter into the mouthpiece, screw the pieces back together and load your bowl. Light that shit and then gently inhale.

Cleaning each Silverstick is pretty simple, just unscrew the pieces and submerge them in isopropyl alcohol for about 35 mins then wipe any remaining residue with the isopropyl and a cotton swab.

Your biggest decision will be deciding whether you want just the pipe, or if you want to upgrade to the ultra soft leather dugout to carry your pipes in. The leather dugout is handmade in the good ole US of A crafted using Horween leather. You will definitely have to handle the leather dugout with care. Most residue will come off if cleaned with a damp cloth, but for a deeper clean they suggest you use a leather cleaner like saddle soap and follow that up with a leather conditioner like Neatsfoot oil to renew and soften.

So what really sets the SilverStick apart from other one hitters? THE FILTERS! The filters which act like the same kind on icky cigarettes will trap tar and soften your draw. They will also stop the embers from burning your throat, something many of us have done from time to time. Make sure to change your filter after 3-4 uses, but if you do notice that you pull in ember through they recommend you change the filter ASAP. I remember the first time I used a one hitter and hit it too hard, the pain I felt in my throat matched the embarrassment I felt when I couldn’t stop coughing! Genius idea guys!

I really wanted to take my SilverStick on a hike over the weekend, but our weather was less than ideal. I did the next best thing and just lit up at home because if the rain touches me I will disintegrate. I enjoy the simplicity of one hitters, you don’t really have to grind your weed and they’re easy to clean up.

All in all I am a big fan of the SilverStick(s). The pipe itself has a sleek and polished look, a lot nicer than other one hitters I’ve owned. The leather dugout is a huge upgrade and it’s dope AF! Not only does it have a rugged elegance to it, but it also holds everything you need to sesh on the go (there’s even a spot on the bottom to hold additional filters). It’s compact enough to carry in your purse or pocket and that’s a huge plus.

Nobody likes sucking the cherry through their piece so the filters are a nice touch and it also shows that they care about your health. What’s not to like?

The 4/20 Holiday is coming up and a lot of you will be one the go, why not carry everything you’ll need in one place?

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