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Sports Update: Matt Kemp Back + Brotato Aaron Feld

My sports posts won’t be normal because I am not a sports writer, I am not a statistician, but I am a fan so you’ll get what you get!

Baseball season is currently underway and my Dodgers aren’t doing that great. We’re coming off a game seven, World Series loss that was hard to stomach even if it was a fun and LONG series and we were killing it last season. So this year we were expected to do much of the same, KILL IT and possibly bring a World Series win back to Chavez Ravine – it’s not looking that way.

Before the season even started we lost one of our best players, who I believe is the heart of the team, Justin Turner after he suffered a broken wrist when he was hit by a pitch in a spring training game. LAME. Then when the season started we just didn’t look like the 2017 Dodgers. Kershaw was still a pitching machine, but our offense wasn’t helping him out. Then we got news that Seager was suffering from a UCL sprain in his right elbow and was going to be missing the rest of the season so he could have Tommy John Surgery. If that wasn’t bad, days later it was announced that our ace, Clayton Kershaw was being placed on the 10 day DL with left bicep tendonitis. To say the 2018 season has been frustrating is an understatement.

But I am a New Day follower so I am trying to focus on the power of positivity, that being Matt Kemp. We were reunited with Kemp after a five player trade with the Atlanta Braves during the off season. After Matt Kemp fizzled his first time with LA a lot of fans weren’t happy about his return. I on the other hand was kind of excited, I was mad we lost Culberson in this trade, but after I read “The Resurgence of Matt Kemp” from Bleacher Report, I remained hopeful.

I was right to be positive because Matt Kemp is doing good! Please don’t jinx, please don’t jinx.

As of right now Kemp has a .313 batting average with .350 OBP, .500 Slugging Average and a .850 OPS. Yay stats! In normal person speak that means dudes LIT AF. He’s played 42 games,134 AB, 13 Runs, 42 Hits, 20 RBIs, and 5 Dingers. In fact as I write this Kemp had a game winning double in the 9th after a double header with the Nationals. BOOM.

Added bonus? Matt Kemp is a fucking full on babe.

My other sports obsession? Aaron Feld the Strength and Conditioning Coach that the Ducks got this year. Aaron Feld is a full on broseph with a old timey mustache and possess’ the energy that DJ Khaled would have if he ate pussy.

After the snake Willie Taggart ditched the Ducks for a head coaching job at FSU they’ve been trying to rebrand and I think Aaron Feld is just what the doctor ordered. Aaron Feld’s videos on Twitter make me wish I was a yoked out bro with sick abs. Young dudes will love his energy and they have sick workouts brah.

Added bonus? Aaron Feld is a babe, even with that mustache.

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