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Strain Review: Truffle Butter From Freddy’s Fuego

Lets go over Truffle Butter from  Freddy’s Fuego.

There are three reasons I chose to go with Freddy’s Fuego: 1 – I loved their branding! From the logo to the glass jar, they just stood out to me. I prefer to get my bud in the jars versus the plastic baggies because it just shows that the grower cares more about how their product is being perceived by the consumer. With that being said, I understand that some growers don’t use jars if you’re buying in smaller quantities because it’s not cost effective. 2 – My dad’s nickname is Freddy and that also played a part in why I purchased an eighth of this lovely strain. I even sent him a pic, to which he replied “I need that!”. 3 – The song “Truffle Butter” immediately started playing in my head so I had to have it.

Truffle Butter is crossed with Gelato and Chocolate Kush, the grower has it labeled as a Hybrid, but you’ll notice that Leafly has it categorized as an indica. The categorization doesn’t really matter, but I wanted to put it out there in case anyone noticed and had anything to say about it.

Aside from awesome branding the chunky, purple nugs with specks of green that looked as if they had been sandblasted with sugar crystals and amber hairs were calling me! The scent was sweet with berry hints and buttery notes.

This wasn’t physically energetic, but I was mentally stimulated and YES the “Truffle Butter” song was stuck in my head. After I first smoked this stuff I was somehow tagged in some Twitter feud between some bible thumper and a cannabis follower of mine. It didn’t bother me that she was so against cannabis and drinking, I just kept egging her on and dying of laughter. So I guess you could say that Truffle Butter is basically a shield for bullshit that keeps you smiling all the way through it.

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