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What I’m Listening To: Cardi B, Janelle Monae, Rae Sremmurd

Okay, so for whatever reason I wanted to try and do weekly playlists, but that’s just too difficult because I don’t keep up with new music much these days. I’ve reached that point in life where you kind of stop and just listen to talk radio.

So I am going to just let you know what I’m listening to and you can listen and maybe explore more of the artists catalog.


So Cardi B has had one of the biggest glow ups I’ve ever been witness to. A Bronx native, Dominicana who started as a stripper then became Instagram famous and hustled that into a role on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop. From there she turned her short run on the show as a platform to take over the rap game. I first heard about Cardi from people I follow on Twitter who keep me in the know, but I never watched the show or knew of her Instagram notoriety. I fell in love with her through clips of her on the show, then started going through her mixtapes.

Cardi B is unapologetic about who she is and where she comes from. Shit like that should be admired, but instead a lot of people rag on her. People call her “ghetto” and “uneducated” because of the way she speaks. A sister of mine tagged another in a meme on FB that said “Cardi B makes music for women who think that talking louder is winning an argument”, you’ve probably seen it. When I see shit like that I roll my eyes so fucking hard because Cardi B makes music for women who are constantly marginalized because of the communities they come from and who are often underrepresented because of the way they look. She makes music to empower these women to show them that shit like that doesn’t matter. Believe in you, secure the bag and fuck the haters.

Look at the stats. Chart topping music, millions of followers, multiple features with other chart toppers, killed her SNL performance, killed her Coachella set by channeling Left Eye, while pregnant AND twerking in the fucking desert..Met Gala in couture. AND SHE WAS BLESSED BY QUEEN B.

BARDI GANG BITCH! “Got a bag and fixed my teeth, hope you hoes know that ain’t cheap”.

Her album Invasion of Privacy is so fucking dope! I listened to it the day after it dropped, in the San Francisco Airport on a flight delay, high off my ass. I shit you not when I tell you I almost cried listening to it. IT IS EMOTIONAL, RAW AND BET SHE HAS MORE IN STORE. My favorite track is “Be Careful”, but her whole album is a mood and will be my Summer staple. Sunroof open. It’s not a threat, it’s a warning.


A few years back I had the chance to see Janelle Monae live. I’m not lying when I say it was a life changing moment. I became a fan, or stan as all the cool people say. Since then she hadn’t really put out new music until a couple weeks ago when her Dirty Computer album was released…with a short film attached to it that premiered the night before. Before that she released a couple videos that are part of the short film and I was just salivating because to me she is one of the most creative and revolutionary performers we have right now. She’s a mix of Prince, Bowie and hints of James Brown.

Janelle Monae has been having an exciting career to watch blossom. Grammys, Oscars, scene stealing performances, she’s doing it all and killing every aspect of her careers. She’s smart, eloquent, thought provoking and her recent coming out as being pansexual is something we should all be praising.

I get to see her in a few weeks at McMenamins Edgefield as part of their Summer Concert series and I am so fucking excited!! I hope her muse Tessa Thompson is there 😛


What can I say about Rae Sremmurd? Well their name spells Ear Drummers backwards, but I don’t really know anything about the duo. I just learned they were brothers and that they’re Cali natives. But none of that matters because I have fucked with each of their albums that have been released.

I’ve been rocking their latest album trilogy, SR3MM which has one album that features the two, then they each get their own album that’s tailored to their individual styles. Similar to what Outkast did back when they released Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.

Each of their albums has so many ear worms: Black Beatles, my all time favorite Throw Sum Mo with Nicki and Thugger, and No Flex Zone.


There you go, three awesome albums that you should check out.

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