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Music To Smoke To: Miguel + Chicano Batman

I am so old, I remember the age of the mashup.

The mashup that got the most mainstream success was the collaboration between Jay Z and Linkin Park when they got together for Collision Course. But I believe that came on the heels of underground success, the Grey album from Danger Mouse where he mashed up Jay Z’s The Black Album with the Beatles LP The White Album.


In this mashup we get the pairing of Miguel and Chicano Batman in a video series from Mitú called “Túgether” where artists collaborate and mesh each others sounds.

In the first video Miguel takes on lead vocals on “Black Lipstick” one of Chicano Batman’s songs, and in the second Miguel performs a Spanglish version of “Skywalker” back by the unique sound of Chicano Batman.

(Via Alt Latino)


To watch the full Túgether performance head over to Mitú.

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