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My First Indoor Grow: Part 3 – Hitting the Reset Button

Hitting the Reset Button

So after yesterday’s revelation, I needed a little help. Today, I walked into work and got to tell my coworkers about my stupid mistake. Thankfully, they sent me home with a plan.

My plants never truly entered the flowering stage, because of the extra 12 hours of blue light, but for the past three weeks I’ve been feeding them flowering nutrients. So my first step is to flush the flower nutrients from the soil. I am planning on flushing the soil another two times, and then switching the plants back to veg nutrients for two weeks, and reinitiating the flowering process.

Today, I trimmed down the plants rather considerably, since they had grown so tall, and evened out the branches. Each of my four plants seems to have one branch that grew rather considerably longer than the others. So this should hopefully even out the growth, so the plants grow bushier and more evenly.

I will report back once I see how the plants respond.

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