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Strain Review: Hurkle

Hurkle’s origins come from the popular CBD strain Harelquin, a sativa, and indica dominant Querkle, the strain usually has a 1:1 ratio making it a very useful medicinal strain. Hurkle had pale green buds with specks of lavender-gray tones and a thick layer of trichomes that were intertwined with amber hairs that stood out loud and proud. Scentually Hurkle is magnificent; berry/grape-like tones with robust hints of cocoa, reminiscent of a tasty little truffle.

I like to call Hurkle the period killer! Around the time that I had a couple grams of it I was in was the process of getting a new birth control prescription and my period symptoms were really bad. I am talking about never wanting to leave your bed, heating pad attached to you lower back and stomach, head pounding and nausea making it impossible to drive bad.

Then I remembered I purposely picked this up because it was a cross with Harlequin and knew it would help alleviate my symptoms…boy did it! After about 3 puffs I could feel my body respond to its magic. The pounding of my head was starting to fade, my cramps were gone, and my mood went from NO NO NO to YES YES YES!

On top of my period pain, work had been awkward and uncomfortable, but when I smoked Hurkle the next morning all of my anxiety was gone and I was able to walk in with a smile on my face.

After my first sesh with Hurkle I did get sort of tired, but when I used it the other times I made sure to go lighter because the effects can be strong. You get a decent euphoric feeling at first, then you’ll start to feel the physical effects. Hurkle is a great strain to treat a number of pain related issues as well as assist people who are often stressed or deal with anxiety.

With a name like Hurkle, I kept picturing a hulked out Steve Urkel from TGIF’s Family Matters. I went from feeling like Steve Urkel to Stefan Urquelle.

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