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My First Indoor Grow: Complete, Total, Unmitigated Failure

One plant… I just wanted ONE PLANT to survive.

I just threw all four of my Blue Dream plants into the trash. I didn’t really plan on it, it just… happened.

Tonight, I tried one last thing to save the Blue Dream plants that I screwed up so badly a month ago. Because they grew so damned tall as a result of my error setting my grow light schedule properly, I had a serious problem on my hand. The plants were FAR too tall going into flowering. Because the plants were going to grow at least another several feet, I had a few different options on my hands.

I could trim them down yet again, but that would add a few weeks on to the grow as they recovered. I could trash them and start over, but I didn’t want to admit defeat so readily. Or, I could tie them down a bit and attempt to SCROG them. I decided to give that a shot.

Unfortunately, while gently bending down a large branch on one of the plants, it snapped. I threw the plant away, as I knew this was going to seriously screw up the growth. Then, I examined the three remaining plants. One of them stood out, looking considerably healthier than the other two, so I made a split-second decision. I decided to just focus on the healthiest plant, and try to make the best out of that one. I could dedicate the entire tent to making sure this ONE stupid plant finished healthy.

I tossed the other two plants and started training the healthy looking plant. Everything started out just fine. Then, one of the large branches on that plant snapped as well.

It was right about then that *I* also snapped.

Look forward to “My First Indoor Grow, v1.1” coming soon.

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