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My Second First Indoor Grow: Part 1

Time For a Fresh Start

It’s been a while since my last journal, so I figure it’s about time for an update.

If you recall my last post, I made one last attempt to save my grow and tried to do some training. I tried to bend the branches of the plants to lower the height, in hopes that they would grow towards the lights, but unfortunately a few branches snapped off. The plants had grown too strong and tall, and training was unfortunately all but impossible that late into the grow process. I tried saving one viable plant, but a branch snapped off that plant as well. Finally, I lost patience and decided that it might be best to completely start from scratch.

It was a tricky decision to make, because it meant admitting failure, but I think it was the best possible decision for learning purposes. I reached out to a friend who is an avid seed collector to see what my options are. My previous attempt was a Blue Dream grow, and it wasn’t my first choice. The clones were easily available and ready to go, but if I had my choice I would have gone with a pure Indica. Thankfully, my friend had a strain that seems right up my alley, Mendo Breath crossed with Hindu Kush. I think I’m going to call it “Shiva’s Breath.” All Indica, all the way!

My friend popped some seeds for me and delivered a few tiny seedlings about two weeks later. One of the nice things about growing from seed is that the plant grows symmetrically. They are super fun to watch as they grow, and this gives me the chance to see the entire process and get more involved in training the plant. There’s a technique called “fimming” (which stands for “fuck, I missed”) which I plan to use this time. I know what mistakes to avoid, and I should wind up with a product that is a bit more of my personal preference. I actually have friends growing Blue Dream anyways, and I have an ounce just sitting here. I don’t really need any more of it.

These little Shiva plants have been in my tent for almost two weeks now and are growing pretty rapidly. I have three small plants in the hopes of having one or two viable females. I might even end up with three females, but I am really just hoping for one or two to keep things a bit simpler this time around. With four large plants in the tent, it was pretty difficult to get around in there. Once the plants are ready to enter the flowering stage, I should be able to identify the males and the females. When it comes to that point, I will be sure to document the process to share here.

I feel good about this one, and I’m excited to be working with a strain that’s more my speed. Thanks for sticking with me, and don’t forget to keep up with my process at @cannakix.

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