What a grower’s lab report looks like

Maybe this is a little too inside baseball for the newspaper, but I find it fascinating.

(Brian Stroh)
(Brian Stroh)

Brian Stroh, owner of CannaMan Farms, let me check out the lab reports from Analytical 360 for the three strains of marijuana he was able to sell at New Vansterdam’s opening weekend.

The results go into the state-required labels on packaging, but they also provide great information for growers looking for details about their strains.

Here are the reports so far if you’d like to click on them.

Lab report: Godzilla

Lab report: Cinex

Lab report: New Kush

I got a chance to watch some of the harvesting process last week and I’ll have some videos of that up soon.

After cutting the plants down, they hang them upside down and trim off leaves that don’t have the white crystals (called trichomes) on them that hold the THC.


They leave them hanging for 20-30 days, dry them out and then trim away smaller leaves and what not until there are just buds left.


The material from the final trim is called “shake” and goes into making joints and other products. The buds are sold in packages by themselves.

(box of shake at CannaMan)
(box of shake at CannaMan)

Stroh said he’ll have some more Godzilla and possibly a little Cinex for New Vansterdam when the store reopens Friday at 11 a.m.

In another week or so he’ll have some new strains out as well, and if he’ll let me I’ll post those lab results here too.

What do you think? Are you interested in the lab results or am I just a nerdy science girl?