It’s Open: High End Market Place

High End Market Place, Vancouver’s new pot shop at 1906 Broadway, officially opened on Jan 31, 2015 at its uptown location not far from Main Street Marijuana.

I wasn’t able to make the grand opening, although I hear it went well, but I did manage to stop by earlier this week to check it out.

Morgan Hutchinson, CEO, said her goal with the shop is to make it open, friendly and comfortable for consumers of all kinds. She also wants to limit the number of strains the store sells to about 16-20 so that consumers don’t get confused.

(Morgan Hutchinson)
(Morgan Hutchinson)

The store wants to provide product from different growers than those displayed at Main Street Marijuana – to add more options for consumers and draw more people into the shop.

When I stopped by they had stock from Cedar Creek Cannabis in Vancouver, Agrijuana in Battle Ground, Bare Naked Bud in Longview, Earth Rising Farm in White Salmon, Bondi Farm in Longview, JV Ranch from Goldendale, Weed Bunny in Yelm and Elevate in Longview.

“Many of the producers we’re working with, we’re the only one in Vancouver with them in stock,” Hutchinson said.

She added that one of her goals is to stock from as many local Clark County growers as possible.

When I stopped by High End Market Place had a good, if simple, variety of indicas, sativas and hybrids.

Store samples

The shop is based in an old house converted to retail space, and it has a very warm, woody atmosphere.

“Our goal is simplicity, quality and great prices,” Hutchinson said.

Prices were generally around $15-$20 per gram for flower.

The shop also has a limited amount of concentrates and edibles. She’s hoping to get a steady supply of vape cartridges soon, Hutchinson added.

She and her employees generally sample product so they can help consumers decide which strain they might like. Hutchinson’s favorites so far are one called “Bluniverse” and the more ubiquitous “Cookies and Cream.”

It’s also pretty cool to note that Hutchinson is the first female pot shop owner in Clark County. It’s nice to see more women getting involved in the industry.

So far, there’s no ATM at the store, so customers will need to pick up cash someplace before their visit. That’s something Hutchinson says she hopes to remedy soon.

-SueVo (sue.vorenberg@columbian.com)

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High End Market Place (Opened January 31, 2015):
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1906 Broadway
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