Greenhead Cannabis coming soon?

Update: Officials from the store contacted me via email and said they plan to open in May. We should have a store tour post once they’re all set up! Cheers -SueVo

Vancouver’s last of six allotted pot shops, Greenhead Cannabis, looks like it will be opening soon – possibly on 4/20 (at least it seems that way since the new store keeps using the hashtag #420unveiling).

I’ve tried to call owners of the new store several times, but they’ve never called me back. Hopefully when they open I’ll be able to give everybody a more detailed post about the shop.

Greenhead Cannabis also apparently has an ad in the upcoming Portland Mercury weed issue, which they posted to their Facebook page.


Greenhead Cannabis will be at 2815 St. Johns Blvd, Suite B, not far from where the second The Herbery store will be at 6018 N.E. St. John’s Blvd., Suite D. That store is aiming to open on May 1, 2015.

Greenhead Cannabis hadn’t been issued its license from the state as of last Tuesday’s (4/7/15) Liquor Control Board release. (Neither had the new Herbery location).

I know Greenhead Cannabis originally applied to the LCB as “Mike’s Eastside Drugs” – but they apparently changed the name recently.


Below is a list of all operating Clark County stores and their locations.

If anybody else has information on Greenhead please let me know so I can share it – and if you have any contacts at the store please ask them to get in touch with me!

-SueVo (sue.vorenberg@columbian.com

Vancouver store contact info:

New Vansterdam:
(360) 597-4739
6515 E Mill Plain Blvd
Facebook Page
@NVansterdam on Twitter

Main Street Marijuana:
(360) 828-7737
2314 Main St.
Facebook Page
@mainstmj on Twitter

High End Market Place (Opened January 31, 2015):
(360) 609-0364
1906 Broadway
Facebook Page
@highend_market on Twitter

The Herbery (Opened Feb. 7, 2015)
(360) 841-7500
212 NE 164th Avenue, Suite #11
Facebook page
@theherberynw on Twitter

The Herbery (second location, planned opening on May 1)
6018 N.E. St. John’s Blvd., Suite D.

Green Head Cannabis (not yet open)
2815 St. Johns Blvd., Suite B.