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Man named Roach tries to rob pot dispensary

You’ve probably heard of Mary Jane, who founded Washougal-based Mary Jane’s House of Glass with her son Brandon Brock. And I’m sure seen some stories quoting Brian Budz, one of the owners of  Vancouver pot shop New Vansterdam.
When it comes to puns, the marijuana industry is stuffed full of all kinds of little nuggets like this. Think of High End Market Place in Uptown Village: regulars call the store HEMP for short.
Well, here’s a rich new pot industry pun for you: On Monday, a man whose last name is Roach was arrested for attempting to steal a jar of marijuana from Maranda’s, a Kelso medical dispensary. That day, John D. Roach, a 40-year-old from Longview who frequently goes to the dispensary, ended up fighting with an employee over the jar.
Deputies with the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office tracked Roach down later, and arrested him on allegations of first-degree robbery. From the tone of their press release, you could see they were pretty giddy to share the story.
Police said Roach admitted that he was prepared to buy some marijuana from the dispensary, but when he arrived, he decided he wanted more than he could afford. Sorry, Roach. That’s just not cool.
– Justin Runquist